Services in Anantapur

Anantapur is one of the main cities of Andhra Pradesh. It has grown in terms of development and infrastructure in the past few years. Today it has become the preferred choice for many people of the region. From state of the art healthcare facilities to postal and courier services, you name it and you shall find it all in Anantapur.

Postal Services in Anantpur

Indian Post is considered to be one of the strongest postal networks in the world. In a diverse country like ours Indian Post is the connection between cities and villages. Some of the main services that Indian Post offers include  – speed post, mail post, express post, business post, logistics post etc.
Even the remotest of villages have a post office and post boxes. The main aim of Indian Post is to connect people. The people of Anantapur benefit a lot with the postal services of the region.

Services in Anantapur
Post Office
Old Town, Main Market, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 222050

Post Office
Main Road, Kamala Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 248950

Post Office
Motilal Street, Ram Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 249350

Post Office
Anantapur Engineering College, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 272850

Post Office
Georgepet, Ram Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 245850

Post Office
Collectorate Office, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 247450

Post Office
Satyanandnagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 278550

Courier Services in Anantapur

Courier services have become an essential part of our lives now. It is quick and convenient. Large packets can be delivered easily to all parts of the country and outside. The list of courier services in Anantpur is given below:

DTDC Courier & Cargo

Dilip Complex, Opposite LIC of India, Subhash Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 249092

Professional Couriers
Door No. 15/605, Raju Road, Kamla Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09032331888

Professional Couriers
Srs Complex, 1st Floor, Prasanthinilayam, Anantapur

Blue Dart express Ltd
Connection Point, Airport Exit Road, Anantapur

DTDC Courier & Cargo
Puttaparthi, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 286833

First Flight Couriers
13/604-12, Ramachandra Nagar, Near Railway Station, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 322945

On Dot Courier
Opposite Rtc Bus Stand, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 244851

World First Courier
Raju Road, Main Market Anantapur

ICL Couriers
Gayatri Commercial Complex, RTC Bus Stand road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 297116

DTDC Courier
Kadiri Kuntlapalli, Anantapur

Trackon Courier Service
Venugopal Nagar, Sri SAI Baba Temple Lane, Anantapur
Phone: 09966462005

Sri Lakshmi Courier
Sangameswara Circle, Anantapur
Phone: 09440735035

Ambulance Service in Anantpur

Ambulance services are an indispensable part of healthcare and emergency services. Many of these ambulance service providers offer 24 hour service for the convenience of users.

Services in Anantapur

Pavani Ambulance
Sai Nagar, 3rd Cross, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 246060

Harshita Ambulance Service
Near Govt. Hoapital, Dharmavaram Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09440323070

Javahar Ambulance Service
6-1-911a, Kovur Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 248712

Shiv Samba Ambulance
Govt. Hospital Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09505580301

Uday Ambulance
Govt. Hospital, Opposite Govt Guest House, Anantapur
Phone: 08985933552

Pavan Ambulance
Door No 4/857, Kalyanadurgam Road, Near Raja Hotel, Anantapur
Phone: 09985038299

Bhavani Ambulance
15-180, Raju Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09393711367

Aasha Ambulance Service
C/O Aasha Hospital, Court Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 237818

Fire and Rescue Services in Anantapur

Fire and rescue services are a very important part of the emergency services. The city cannot be considered developed and safe if does not have enough fire stations. The citizens rely on the brave hearted fire fighters and the impeccable fire department for their safety.  One does not know when tragedy strikes, thus, these fire stations are open 24X7, 365 days. The main aim is to safeguard life and ensure minimum loss of property.

Fire Station
Near Judge Residence, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 220299

Tadipatri Fire Station
Tadipatri, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 274398

Cinema Halls in Anantpur

A metropolitan or a small town, a major recreation for masses is films. Anantapur has several cinema halls. While a large number of these air only Telugu and Tamil films, some of them also show Hindi movies. Most of the cinemas are single screen theatres.

Gowri Cinema Hall
 Opposite Satyam Diagnosis Center, Sreekantam Circle, Anantapur
Phone: 09441164899

Triveni Cinema Hall
Old Town, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 308027

Shanti Cinema Hall
Subash Road, Opposite Mro Office, Near Clock Tower, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 274807

Tarangini Cinema Hall
Tilak Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09985656953

Ganga Cinema Hall
Sreekantha Complex, Opposite Satyam Diagnostic Services, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 221396

Sudha Cinema Hall
Subhash Road, Near Clock Tower, Opposite Mro Office, Anantapur

Neelima Cinema Hall
Rama Chandra Nagar, Near Ttd Kalyana Mandapam, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 270065

Venkateshwara Cinema Hall
Neeruganti Street, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 230239

Tejaswini Cinema Hall
Tilak Road, Anantapur

Gayathri Cinema Hall
Sreekantha Complex, Opposite Busstand, Sangameshwar Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 277695

Gowthami Cinema Hall
Near Rtc Bus Stand, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 221396

Nanjundeswara Cinema Hall
Main Road, Ratnagiri, Rolla Mandal, Anantapur
Phone: 09490582732

Petrol Pumps in Anantapur

Services in Anantapur

Petrol pumps and filling stations form an integral part of the emergency services that a city offers. Due to the strategic location of Anantapur, there are many petrol pumps in the city and even on the outskirts. Anantapur connects some of the major cities of Andhra Pradesh to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu via national highways and sees a lot of vehicular traffic. Thus, the need of petrol pumps rises all the more.
Some of the other facilities that you get at these filling stations are – lubricants, service center, air filling, auto care center, mechanics etc.

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

406, Ramachandra Nagar, Anantapur

Meda Remaiah Shetty & Company
Subash Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 241391

HP Corporation
Gooty Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 226885

Sree Sai Venkateswara Filling Station
Door No. 1-2825, Eddulapalli Road, Near Ambedkar Cirlce Pamidi, Anantapur
Phone: 09963409194

Siddhi Vinayak Filling Station
Gooty Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 223079

Pavithra Filling Station
Main Road, Rudrayug, Anantapur

Reliance Petrol Pump
By-pass Road, Tapovanam, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 329310

Sree Balaji Petrol Pump
Bangalore Road, Old Town, Sangamesh Circle, Beside Balaji Nursing Home, Anantapur
Phone: 09849491161

Shiva Filling Station
Bellary Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 222227

Sri Venketeswara Fuel Point
Door No. 14 – 320, RF Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 654474

Vijaya Filling Station
Bellary Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 242927

Zum Zum Petrol Pump
Khanabal, Main Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 225332
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