Hospitals and Medical Stores in Anantapur

Hospitals are an integral part of the emergency services that a city offers. In fact a city cannot be considered fully developed if it does not offer premium healthcare services for its citizens. Anantapur is a major city of the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. People from different parts of the country and the state have made Anantapur their home. Thus, it is essential that the city caters to the varying healthcare needs of people. There are many public and private hospitals in Anantapur. Dental hospitals, super specialty hospitals, maternity centers, ENT hospitals, eye hospitals – one can find them all in Anantapur.

List of Hospitals in Anantpur

Hospitals in AnantapurRural Development Trust Hospital

Kadiri Road Bhathalapalli, Anantapur

Dr. YSR Memorial Hospital
12-2-878, SAI Nagar, 1st Cross, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 247365

Sri Satya Sai General Hospital
Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 287256

Hrudya children’s Hospital
3rd Cross, Beside State Bank Of India Main Branch, Sai Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 274471

Chandra Super Specialty Hospital
13-2-390, Srinivas Nagar, Shirdi Nagar, Beside Rtc Bus Stand, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 221160

Pavani Hospital
12/ 2/ 979, 3 Road Cross, SAI Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 246062

Mythri Hospital
15-721, Kamala Nagar, Munirathnam Transport Cross Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 274630

Apollo Hospital
Court Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 741944

Sri Anand Hospital
Door no. 13-2-128, Shiridi Nagar, Behind Rajahamsa Apartment, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 239494

Srinivasa Children’s Hospital
Srikantham Circle, Near Ganga Gowri Cine Complex, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 241104

Sri Sreenivasa Gastro & Liver Hospital
12-2-989, Sainagar Main Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 234433

Jeevan Jyothi Hospital
Main Road, Kamla Nagar, Aantapur
Phone: (08554) 249987

Varun Children’s Hospital
14/224, Kamala Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 241886

Sri Sai Balaji Hospital
13/68-1, Kamala Nagar, Municipal Market Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 247787

SV Hospital
Door No 14-327, Kamala Nagar, Near Sri SAI Degree College, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 221966

Sreenevasa Multi-specialty Hospital
Door No 28-271, Pranathi Complex, Subash Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 272828

Life Line Hospital
Srinivasa Nagar, Behind Rtc Bus Stand, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 245545

KK Hospital
9-597-1a, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Main Road, Kadiri Kuntlapalli, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 224636

Aasha Hospital
Door No.7/201, Court Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 237818

Padmavati Hospital
2nd Cross, Near General Hospital, Arvind Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 249966

Sri Sai Lakshmi Multi-specialty Hospital
12-3-55, SAI Nagar, 4th Cross, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 241577

Vaatsalya Hospital
Snehalatha Healthcare Complex, Khaja Nagar, Opposite Ganga Gowri Theatre, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 277177

Chinnari Hospital
SAI Nagar, 2nd Cross, Anantapur
Phone: 09440044731

Manasa Hospital
10-491, Guild of Services Road, New Town, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 241480

Kranthi Hospital
Annaiah Towers, Near Rtc Bus Stand, Old Kvs Function Hal, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 221414

Sreenevasa Nursing Home
5-736, Puttaparthi Road, Kothacheruvu
Phone: 09573812019

Jayam Super Specialty Dental Hospital
Shop no.15 & 16, Municipal Complex, Near Clock Tower Circle, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 272747

Dentocare Super Specialty Dental Hospital
12-2-962, SAI Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09849846645

Vasan Eye Care Hospital
Door No. 15/581, Raju Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 398900

Dhanya Eye Hospital
Building No 15/422-2, Opposite Jonna Iron Mart, Kamala Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 230815

Dr. Akbar Eye Hospital & Laser Center
6th Cross, SAI Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 235009

Chemist Stores in Anantpur

An increasing number of people have made Anantapur their home and it is also an important center in terms of tourism. Thus, to cater to the increasing demands of people, there are many medical shops in Anantapur. People from neighboring smaller towns and villages also head to Anantapur for their healthcare needs.

A large number of these medical shops offer 24 hour services for the ease and convenience of customers. Some of these medical stores also offer homeopathic, Ayurvedic and pet medicines. One can find local vendors as well as big brands like Apollo Pharmacy in Anantapur.

Chemists in Anatapur

Asha Hospital Chemist

7/201 Court Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09440285832

Apollo Pharmacy
Door No 15-545, Subash Road, Near Saptagiri Circle, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 241419

Sive Shankar Medical Store
Mpl Complex, New Town, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 220856

Sri Satya Sai Medicals
Shop No. 2, Siva SAI Rajahamsa Apartment, Ramchandra Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 230018

Jevan Medical Store
15/1, Subash Road, Near Raghuveera Towers, Anantapur
Phone: 09492517130

Sri Lakshmi Balaji Medical Store
80 Feet Road, Subash Road Ananthapur
Phone: 09866713755

Sri Mahesh Medical Store
1st Road, Near Nelima Theatre, Vidyut Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09885049675

Ganesh Medicals
1-1918, Room No 10, Hanuman Complex, Anantapur
Phone: 09989333720

V N Enterprises
9/114, Subhash Road, Rayadurg, Near Clock Tower, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 223200

Anantapur Medicals & Surgicals
Shop no. 2, 1st Floor, Subash road, Raghuveera Towers, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 242425

Sri Uma Devi Medical Store
Nithin Complex, Subash Road, Sapthagiri Circle, Anantapur
Phone: 09666129905

Naseema Medicals
19/967, Gooty Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09440930352

Lakshmi Jayanth Medicals
Sivaram Lodge Building, RF Road, Sreekantam Circle, Anantapur
Phone: 09440488839

SLV Medical Store
17-95 Tilak Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09491506573

Sri Lakshmi Balaji Pharmacy
28-379, Subash Road, Vidyut Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09440922321

Madina Medical Store
13-3-361, Near Rtc Bus Stand, Anantapur
Phone: 09885363404

Sai Milind Pharmacy
Shop N. 15, 1st Floor, Municipal Complex, Anantapur
Phone: 08885184996

Sowjanya Medical Store
Main Market, RS Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 252381

Sri Venkatrama Sai Medical Store
Srs Complex, Kamarupalli, Anantapur
Phone: 09885895662

Krishna Medical Store
R-5 Municipal Building, Old Town, Anantapur
Phone: 09866416036

Sri Sindhu Medicals
Door No. 15/338, Ground Floor, Subash Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09553361095

Sri Ganga Chetan Medical Store
12-5-346, Sivaji Nagar, HB Colony, Anantapur
Phone:  09949684531

Mailkarjuna Medicals
17-248/A, Tillak Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09989330714

Roopa Medicals
Mpl Complex, New Town, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 240581

Sreekar Medical Agencies
15/529 Surya Nagar, New Town, Anantapur
Phone: 09885264154

Sri Sidhisvara Medical Store
280/3, Vidyut Nagar-Anantapur
Phone: 09966932667

Sujatha Medical Store
RS Road, Dharmavaram, Anantapur
Phone: 09908367876

SVR Medicals
Door No. 15/623, Raju Road, ,Opposite Naveed Residency, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 220278

Vinayak Medical Store
Kamla Nagar, Main Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 240988

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