Caterers and Banquet Halls in Anantapur

Marriage, corporate event, party or a kitty party, whatever the occasion be you would need a caterer. These days caterers offer customized services depending upon your choice of food, budget and the number of guests. The good thing is that you need not worry about running around and arrangements, the caterer would look into all the aspects – food layout, serving, presentation, decoration, cutlery, hospitality etc.

caterers and banquet halls in Anantapur

List of Caterers in Anantpur

Shirdi Sai Caterers

Door No 28-198, Old Town, Subhash Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 228454

Sri Sai Krishna Caterers
16/441, Uma Nagar, Anantapur

Sasikanth Caterers
Shop No 18-993, Old Town, Neeruganti Street, Anantapur
Phone: 09866197367

Raja Ravi Caterers
18/296, 80 Feet Road, Near Shanthi Nursing Home, Anantapur
Phone: 09963849999

RK Catering Service
Shop No 3-49, 2nd Road, New Town, Anantapur
Phone: 09441097255

Vasavi Jyothi Caterers
Door No 1/178, 1st Road, Opposite Water Tank, Anantapur

Spoons Family Restaurant
Beside More Super Market, Opposite Power Office, Jesus Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09052963688

Annapurna Catering Center
Shop No. 3-328, 7th, Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 243804

Gopi Caterers
Tilak Rd, Old Town, Near State Bank of Hyderabad, Anantapur
Phone: 09849898640

Priyanka Catering Service
Venugopal Nagar, Near Venkateswara Theatre, Anantapur
Phone: 09908053334

Sri Venkateshwara Catering Service
D.C.M.S Road, Kamala Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09703307167

Sri Sai Ganesh Caterers
Door No 4/214, Papam Peta, Kalyanadurgam Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09866886002

Sai Surya Restaurant
Shop No. 45, 1st Floor, S R S Building, Puttaparthi, Near Germany Bakery, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 287412

Prasad Caterers
Shop No. 16/209, Uma Nagar, Anantapur

Anantapur Cuisine

The food in Anantapur takes a lot from the local Andhra cuisine. It is spicy and full of flavor. The region is often referred to as the land of Nawabs. And when talking of Nawabi culture and Nawabs, we cannot miss their exquisite food. The curries and the kebabs, the paranthas and the Biryani, there is so much to relish and be happy about.

Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading producers of red chillies, thus, the food is all the more spicy. Rice is the staple of the region and is eaten for both lunch and dinner. Vegetables and lentils are cooked in classic curry form. The seafood and meats are also very popular in this region.

We all know that culture has a great influence on the food of the region. The traditional recipes are still followed but the younger generation is more inclined towards fast food. The good thing is that the people of Anantapur have accepted the changes with a smile. They try and strike a balance between traditional and modern, which makes the cuisine of the region all the more special. The age old cooking techniques are still followed which give the food that authentic taste.

Street Food in Anantapur

Street food like any other city, is savoured in Anantapur too. Anantapur is also famous for its street food. Idli, maggi, bread omlette and samosas are the main street foods. In addition to this, there are numerous tea stalls. These tea stalls are favorites among college students and young professionals.
Whether it is the local food or the street food, the cuisine of Anantapur takes a lot of elelmts from Rayalaseema cuisine. The food of the region also takes influences from the cuisine of Tamil Nadu and southern Karnataka. Some of the most popular sweets of the region are – laddoo, payasam, Rava Laddoo, Polelu and Ariselu.

Bakeries and Sweet Shops in Anantapur

Bakeries and sweet shops are necessary for every city and village. From traditional local sweets to cakes, pastries and cupcakes, these sweet shops and bakeries have them all. And when all of this is served with love, it certainly enhances the taste.

Cake Wala Mithai Wala
Shop No 6&7,YSR Complex, Subash Road, Ananthapur
Phone: 09247669888

Shirdi Sai Sweets
Door No 28-198, Old Town, Anantapur
Phone: 09440514455

Good Day Bakers
Shop No.5,Near Tower Clock, Opposite  Syndicate Bank, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 249991

Sri Ramajayam Bakery
SKD  Road, Penukonda, SVT Chinima Complex, Anantapur
Phone: 09866848526

Arabian Hut
Door No 14-122, Dcms Road, Opposite Nama Towers Lane, Kamala Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 08121822333

Matheen Bakery
Sreenivasa Complex, Rudrampeta, Anantapur
Phone: 09652036170

Hanuman Bakery
Door no 12/118, Kamala Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09177785623

Sree Venkateswara Sweets & Bakery
Shop No. 1-1765, Kadiri Road, Near Bus Stand  Mudigubba, Anantapur
Phone: 09959423395

Sai Gireesh Bakeries & Sweets
Ambedkar Colony, Anantapur
Phone: 09440741948

Jaya Lakshmi Bakery
Sreenivasa Complex, Rudrampeta, Anantapur
Phone: 09573761722

Buchaiah Sweets
Main Market, Rajiv Gandhi Circle, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 226788

Banquet Halls in Anantpur

Banquet halls are the need of every city. Be it a wedding, corporate event or a family function, one can always hire a banquet hall. A proper venue is very important for the success of the event. A banquet hall can be decorated as per the theme of your function. There are various banquet halls, function halls and kalyana mandapams in Anantapur. You can choose the venue according your needs, number of guests for the event and budget.

caterers ad banquet halls in Anantapur

Gr Kala Parishad
Door no. 1-851, 3rd Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09391194654

Shiv Mid Town
Adipur, Near Commerce College, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 260673

Prathusha Function Hall
Door No. 12/3/162, Sai Nagar 5th cross, Near Pavani Hospital, Anantapur
Phone: (8554) 243977

Sri Anantha Shirdi Sainath Kalyana Mandap
Shiridi SAI Nath Complex, Tadipathri Road, Old Town, Anantapur
Phone: 09849035844

Spice Touch Multi-cuisine Restaurant
Saptha Giri Hotel Sapth Giri Circle, Hospital Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 275433

GR Function Hall
Door No 1-851, Road No 3, Gongadi Ramappa, Anantapur

SVR Function Hall
Collector Office Road, Opposite Radio Station, Anantapur
Phone: 09493855441

New Siddhartha Function Hall
Door No. 13/93 B90, Arts College Road, Police Complex, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 232298

Bhupalam Function Hall
Bhupalam Complex, Ashok Nagar, Opposite Harihara Devalayam, Anantapur
Phone: 09032723932

SS Paradise Restaurant
Beside Syndicate Bank, Near Tower Clock, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 221166

Royal Function Hall
Door No 1/14/52, Near Food Pub Restaurant, Ram Nagar Extension Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09393711943

Devanga Kalyana Mandapam
1st Road, Near Raghavendra Temple, Anantapur
Phone: 09247250250
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