Beauty Parlors and Boutiques in Anantapur

Beauty parlors and salons have become an integral part of the lifestyle services offered by a city. These days one can find beauty parlors even in smaller cities. Since people want to pamper and rejuvenate themselves, there are numerous beauty parlors and salons in Anantapur. From big brands like Natural’s Beauty Salon to local beauty parlors, one can find all kinds of service providers. The professional and qualified staff aims at providing quality beauty services – pedicure, manicure, facials, hair styling, makeup, hair straightening, haircuts, bridal make up, waxing, hair massage, hair coloring etc. A large number of beauty parlors have started the trend of unisex salons and family salons.

Beauty Parlors in Anantapur

List of Beauty Salons in Anantpur

ATP Beauty Parlor

Door No 15-354, Suryanagar, Near Vasavi Temple, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 695100

Naturals Family Salon and Spa
Shop No 11-242, Medical College Road, SAI Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 220088

Taj Beauty Salon
Door No 5-15, 4th Road, Opposite Netaji Municipal High School, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 239923

KB Kanaz Beauty Care
Shop No. 36&37, Raghuveera Towers, Ground Floor, Subash Road, Kamala Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09290212786

Haseen Beauty Parlor
Door No 9/281, Anantapur Ho, Anantapur - 515001, Near Masjid, Gulzarpet
Phone: 09848856755

Rashmi Beauty Parlor
Ram Nagar, Grand Kakathiya Apartments, Opposite Raghu Coaching Center, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 222212

Sahaja Beauty Parlor
26-4-2285, Meelapuram Circle, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 223425

Swapna Ladies Beauty Parlor
3-2376, Rs Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09704936458

Sai Rekha Beauty Parlor
Shop No. 3-61, Dharmavaram Road, 1st Cross, Near Gangamma Temple, Anantapur
Phone: 09704747681

Ramya Beauty Parlor
15-4-29, Seenappa Lane, Anantapur
Phone:  08790292304

Kamal Beauty Parlor
Door no.14/198, Dcms Road, Kamala Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09440181350

ENN Style Salon
Door No. 11-1-123, Shop No 4, Aravind Nagar, 1st Cross, Lakshmi Venkateswarara Complex, Anantapur
Phone: 08106837434

Beautiful People
Room No.63, Police Welfare Complex, Near Tower Clock, Opposite APCO showroom, Anantapur
Phone: 09490539552

Kokila Beauty Parlor
Sai Nagar 1st Cross, Beside Nalanga Degree College, Anantapur
Phone: 09908828741

Honey Beauty Parlor
Boya Street, Near Ramana Ramesh Theater, Anantapur
Phone: 08501096070

Harsha Herbal Beauty Parlor
12-368, 3rd Cross, SAI Nagar Main Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 240585

Geethanjali Parlor
Main Market, Venugopal Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 244662

Pyma Beauty Care
6th Road, Near State Bank Of Hyderabad, Anantapur
Phone: 09985856385

Angels Beauty Parlor
Revenue Colony, Anantapur
Phone: 09949237656

Sai Likhita Beauty Parlor
13-2-707a, Ramchandra Nagar, Near Railway Station, Anantapur
Phone: 09963535011

Raji Beauty Expressions
Door No 14/170, Kamala Nagar, Near Sri SAI Degree College, Anantapur
Phone: 09440455097

Madhu’s Beauty Parlor
Main Road, Sreenivasa Nagar, Near Life Line Hospital, Anantapur
Phone: 09946649029

Triveni Ladies Beauty Parlor
Second Cross, Maruthi Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09293859575

Swathi Beauty Parlor
Rahmanth Nagar, Court Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09291627564

Prakruthi Beauty Parlor
26/3/25, Main Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09966088066

Mona Beauty Care
Dhanalakshmi Road, Opposite Indian Gas, Anantapur
Phone: 09885858595

Sai Bhanu Shree Ladies Parlor
31, Pw. Complex, Subhash Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09949904060

Pearl Ladies Parlor
Main Market, Raju Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 234889

Sai Ladies Parlor
Surya Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09866931320

Hanuman Parlor
Nera  Ashok Nagar Bridge, Sai Nagar 8th  Cross, Anantapur

SRA Vannela Herbal Beauty Parlor
12-2-783, Ashok Nagar, Anantapur

Boutiques in Anantpur

There was a time when designer boutiques and fancy tailoring services were limited to only the metropolitan cities. But with the changing time, this trend is also changing. People from smaller cities are becoming aware and want to stay updated in fashion. Anantapur is one of the most developed cities in Andhra Pradesh. People from different parts of the state and neighboring smaller towns have made Anantapur their home. Thus, the services are such that they cater to a wide array of audience. There are many tailors both ladies and gents, and boutiques in different parts of the city. The good thing about these tailors is that you get customized service. Suits, blouse, gents suits to even dresses, you can get stitching solutions right there in your locality.

boutiques in AnantapurAakruti Designer Boutique

SLNS Residency, Flat No 506, Behind Chandra Super Specialty Hospital, Anantapur
Phone: 09885521886

Teja Ladies Corner
Shop No. 5-54, Parnapalli Road, Near Ysr Circle Tadimarri, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 246648

Himavarshini Ladies Corner
Shop No. 4-136, Utlamanu Street, Beside Utlamanu Pamidi, Anantapur
Phone: 09177575300

Krown Fashion Boutique
14-196, Sri SAI Adarsha Apartment, Kamala Nagar, Beside Sri SAI Degree College, Anantapur
Phone: 09550322449

Pearl Ladies Corner
Main Market, Raju Road, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 234889

Sri Kreations
11-959, Aravind Nagar 1st Cross, Anantapur
Phone: 08801634447

Kavita Collection
Shop No. 4, YSR Complex, Subash Road, Opposite Raghuveera Towers, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 234429

Best Fashion
Shop No.4,  Raghuveera Towers, Subash Road, Anantapur

Bramara Ladies Corner
11-342, Obuladev Nagar, Vidyuth Nagar Circle, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 230186

Moon Way Fashion
Door No 14/155-2, Kamala Nagar, , Opposite Raj Towers, Anantapur
Phone: 09032096461

Sulthaniaa Tailor
Door No. 2-758, Ramachandra Nagar, Near Railway Station, Anantapur
Phone: 09391613822

Swagath Tailor
Door No 18/375-B3, Neeruganti Street, Opposite Venkateswara Talkies, Anantapur
Reidain Tailors
28/600, Old Town, Anantapur
Phone: 09963370048

Taj Ladies Tailor
Door No. 1, Ramnagar, Kovvurnagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09666458621

Big Boss Tailor
Shop No 15/71, Raju Road, Kamala Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09989233371

Diana Ladies Tailor
Main Road, Sai Nagar Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 220871

Sri Chennakeshava Tailor
Sai Nagar, 1st Cross, Near Mamata Nursing Home, Anantapur
Phone: 09703644036

Rabiya Ladies Tailor
RC Nagar, Near Railway Station, Anantapur
Phone: 09985223407

Brodman Tailor
Shop No. 15/762, Main Market, Kamala Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09885214150

Kings Way Tailor
1-2513, Beside Panchayathi Office, Bcc Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09652419434

Genius Tailor
12-326, Shangamesh Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09989453655

Sunitha Reddy Tailor
Shop no. 30, Sapthagiri Circle, Anantapur
Phone: 09963234887

Emerald Fashion Makers
Doo No. 10-517, Adimurthy Nagar, Opposite Teachers Home, Anantapur
Phone: 09989224235

Style King Tailor
4th Road Extension, Ranga Swamy Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09866065745

Ruby Ladies Tailor
Opposite Hero Honda Show Room, R F Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09908980628

Gemini Tailor
Kurnool Road, Anantapur
Phone: 09908594258

Vasundhara Ladies Tailor
Main Road, Ashok Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09441387331

Friends Tailor
Door No 12-326, Surya Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09347738570

Marshal Tailors
Subash Road Sapthagiri Circle, Anantapur
Phone: (08554) 655555

Joy Tailors
15/504, Kamala Nagar, Anantapur
Phone: 09966225735

Vandana Ladies Corner
Door No. 24-365, Old Town, Anantapur
Phone: 09866530561
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